Our concept

Your neighbourhood butcher shop right at home!


For the past 25 years, we have been serving families by offering them a wide range of quality meat cuts at competitive prices. Your favourite butcher will be jealous!

Guaranteed quality

You will only have the very best in your plate

Our AAA-grade beef is aged for 21 days, just like in the old days, which makes it more tender and juicy.

The pieces of meat are deboned and trimmed of their fat up to 90%, and then packaged in individual portions that are flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed.

Our meat producers are carefully selected based on their corporate values and the quality of their products.

Our prices are guaranteed on all your purchases, for the entire duration of your agreement with us.

Ageing our meat

Just like good wine, meat is much better when it has been aged.

It is essential to age meat to make it even better.

Individual vacuum-packed portions


Imagine all the time you will save...especially if you forgot to thaw the meat the night before!

The watertight package allows you to thaw a piece of meat in less than 20 minutes, by putting it in cold water. Very practical is you need to prepare a meal at the last minute!

Thanks to the individual portions, you can offer a range of options for your menu and make everyone at the table happy...even unexpected guests!

Our vacuum packages are all sealed, which limits air contact with your meat, and safeguards it against alteration.

Flash-frozen vs.frozen


Because flash-frozen tastes better!

We use flash-freezing for all our products, because this preservation technique offers many advantages compared to regular freezing. Flash-freezing, which takes places between -35 to -196 ˚C, creates fine ice crystals that do not damage the meat or alter its nutritional properties, flavour and texture.

Regular freezing, on the other hand, creates bigger ice crystals that alter both the quality and taste of meat.

Home delivery


Because you have better things to do with your time than to wait in line at the grocery store

For the past 25 years, the success of Garde-Manger has been based on our quality service, that we provide to you order after order.

Our products are delivered by refrigerated truck at the time that suits you best, which allows you to save time by going less often to the grocery store.