Delicately flavoured and incredibly tender

Perfect for all occasions!

  • Lamb is very tender red meat.
  • It is rich in nutrients and also contains stearic acid, which helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  • Easily cooked, it doesn’t need to be saved for big occasions!

Sourcing and cuts of meat

Our lamb comes from New Zealand and is famous for its delicate flavour, regardless of the cut of meat chosen, be it leg of lamb, lamb chops, racks of lamb and others.

  • 1. Neck
  • 2. Lamb chuck
  • 3. Lamb chop
  • 4. Fillet
  • 5. Shoulder
  • 6. Back
  • 7. Loin
  • 8. Breast
  • 9. Flank
  • 10. Leg