A family story


From father to daughters,

this really illustrates the story of Alimentation GARDE-MANGER, our family business that caters to the dietary needs of Quebec families.

A new generation

We are three sisters who are passionate about food, challenges and taking action. Our names are Marie-Claude, Christina and Stéphanie, and we are driven to fulfill your food requirements.

The story continues

We offer you a pantry filled with premium-quality meats and first-choice grocery items.

Every family is unique, and their needs are as well!

Our advisors offer you products that are tailored to your lifestyle and budget.

Delivered right at home, our products have been helping our clients save time and money for 25 years!

Why choose us?

Delicious, practical and economical

Quality is guaranteed

We have staked our reputation on this for 25 years

Convenient vacuum packs

Easy to thaw and take little space in your refrigirator

Flash-frozen meat

This freezing method helps preserve quality and taste for longer

Delivered right at home

No need to leave your home: your grocery is delivered right at your door!


Our products

We deliver to your home a vast selection of meat, ready-to-eat meals, fish and seafood.

We have everything you need to prepare your meals, be it your famous recipe to wow your guests or a simple quick dinner.